TOCOS Catalogs Available for Download:

TOCOS SurfaceMount Catalog
(Sealed Surface-Mount Trimmers) - Large file

TOCOS Catalog 2002
(General Catalog) - Large file

TOCOS Sealed Trimmers Catalog
(Surface-Mount and Thru-Hole Trimmers)

TOCOS Panel Control Selection Guide
(Carbon, Wirewound and Cerment Panel Controls)

TOCOS TP7-TP9 Series Catalog
(Potentiometers, Encoders & Code Switches) - Large file

TOCOS TP/RH Series Selection Guide
(7mm and 9mm Semi-Custom Panel Controls) - Large file

TP7/RH7 Potentiometers
(7mm Semi-Custom Panel Controls) - Large file

Angle/Position Sensors 
(Contact, Non-Contact Sensors) - Large file